Lost all shops and food stores


Have started building a new airport on a laptop during holidays and have put saved file of the airport in appdata, lost all shops and food-stores when starting the airport on my regular pc. Don,t have any shops or food-stores to choose from.

Have newest version of ACEOMM installed and installed the NL-mod which I used during holidays.

Airplane liveries are fine and working.

Any help is highly appriciated.

Kind regards,

Anton Will van Zoelen

can you check inside the /steam/steamapps/Airport CEO/Airport CEO_Data/DataFiles/Companies/Your mod Folder if there are any franchises?

Hi Guusje,

Thanks for your quick respons. Yes…there is a folder with my Mod Nederland with maps in it for FoodFranchises and ShopFranchises. Both are filled with companies.

Press F10 and click ‚ÄúRegenerate Contracts‚ÄĚ

hmm, i think we need @pderuiter here

Have done F10 and Regenetae contracts…did not help…thanks anyway…

well, the game doesnt show big companies when you are just starting out. So can you confirm you have small businesses ? the others have given the other options i could think of.

Can you try with a new game?

there are no choices for shop or food. Tried new game and the same, no shops and food.

And can you confirm that you have small and medium businesses in your mod?

have selected all available businesses from the Netherlands in the mod…there are 1.391 businesses selected.

So i reckon you are saying that you have plenty of small and medium businesses :slight_smile:

Can you reinstall the mod?
And can you enable default companies and see if they show up?

how do I select default companies…?

In aceomm, top right there should be a button called ‚Äėuse default companies‚Äô. Blue means on, not blue means off

Its is and have reinstalled mod…still no companies available…

Can you open a company json for me?

sure, this i

s brownies from my nl-mod…

K that looks good. I’m out of ideas . Let me sleep on it:slight_smile:

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thanks for your help anyway…hope you find a soluation…hahaha

have deleted the mod and made a new one, selected the same companies and included default industries.
do have a few shops and food stores available. They are : Metropol, Hiltop Cafe and Turner. Don,t know whether they are default…please advice…

Metropol is a Turkish grocery store. The other 2 are default companies. If you use Netherlands mod as you said there is something definitely wrong.