Long term flight contracts

I really like the idea of the new flight contract system. One thing I miss there in respect to the new auto-scheduler is the recurring of flights. What do I mean?

So from what I got the auto scheduler takes and puts flights into order which have been aquired by COO and CIO. As this is still primarily a simulation and not a airport tv-show to watch, I have a relatively small suggestion.

As with the new flight contract system and the ratings, how about ignoring the scheduler at all for the moment?
So what I imagine is that the player aquires a certain long-term airline contract. For instance carry out 5 flights per week with a 2 star rating for at least one week to prolong it. If he fails the contract is terminated or depending on the contract a fee to be paid.
So the current recurring of daily flights could be used. Given that the player successfully manages to fulfill the airline requirements he will always have that slot present in the flight planner. This frees up time for individual flights which at the current state of the game are neglectable. Most times I put up with 4 counters for daily flights and have a pretty quiet week. Money is rolling in faster than I can spend.

So considering such long term contracts would eliminate the need for an auto scheduler. It would still be a nice to have, but in terms for an airport ceo simulation it takes away the actual fun of managing the flights.

Give it a thought :wink:

When I look back at Airport Tycoon, the late endgame was unfortunately just buying new aircrafts and fast forwarding the day. I hope with airport ceo we may have more variance in the endgame.

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