London International - Not really!

I used to play Airport Inc for PC many years ago (Windows XP)
I tried to reinstall on Windows Vista, but gave in

I then stumbled across this a few days ago on YouTube
It is £10, why not!

I started off with a few tests airports, then disposed of them as I tested each element (again comparing YouTube)

In Airport Inc I had a _ I _ shaped International Terminal, as this was the final stage, and sadly there was no expansion beyond this
However in Airport CEO I do not appear to be able to do this

My plan was to recreate London Heathrow, as it has an efficient design that matches Airport CEO
Aircraft land on the left, pass to Stand, then depart to the right
However I am nearing to maxing the space out and only have the equivalent of Terminal 5A and 5B
The next issue was that Remote Stands can only be Domestic, which for Terminals 5B and 5C does not work either!
In the interim I have a hodg-podg of Terminals 5A. 5B. and 5C!