London Chelmsford Airport (LCC)

My fictional airport, just north west of London! I built the terminal /slightly/ too large and had a difficult time filling the empty space… there is a real lack of interior furniture items at the moment. I tried my best to have separate arrival/departures areas, it kinda works, but some passengers enter the terminal via the right doors and sit on the gate seating by the baggage carousel for a bit and then exit and re-enter the terminal via the left doors to check in. This means anybody could just walk in the terminal and steal bags and then leave…

Included lots of staff areas and a nice little park for them to take a smoking break and really relax away from all the passengers (maybe next to the fuel depot is a bad idea? :sweat_smile:)

Performance hovers around 12-17fps when all 6 operational stands are filled (intel xeon E3-1231) hoping in the future to open all 12 stands and have the chance to use my 3rd cargo bay. Also left expansion space in the bottom left airside to add a Hangar or fire station all that exciting stuff :smile: and in the bottom left of the screen to add in long-stay car parks.

Talking about expansion I will need to increase the distance between my taxiways, maybe add in a grass GA runway and some stands but I don’t think it will be the right fit for an airport this close to London.

Any comments or questions welcome feel free, I can post some zoomed in screenshots too if anyone is interested.


London never has enough airports :smile: :smile:


Is that six now???

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This one would be number 7

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(sighs in disbelief of the spiraling situation in London). It would be much better if there was just 1 massive, mega-airport.

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