Loading time by adding zones and build walls


Always by adding Zones and Remove items the whole Game loads a few seconds.

What can I do to improve performance. ?

My pc is Not Thor Problem :slight_smile:


How many secure and international zones are there when you turn on the zone overlay?

Often the game ceates unneeded zones or it doesn’tremove them. Those can be removed.

And if there aren’t tons of dead zones, what are your system specifications?

Thanks for your input.
I have always the zones connected no separated in lots of extra zones. I will check it.

My requirements :slight_smile:

2.5 GHz dual core intel core i5
16 Gb RAM DDR3

Graphics : intel HD graphics 4000

It’s a Mac Pro from 2012

Yes, this is below the minimum system requirements mentioned on the Steam shop. Not sure if there is much possible to improve.

Do you use the ACEO performance Tweak?

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