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I am having issues loading my airport and if it does load it is missing taxiways. Any ides that could help me

Hello and welcome to the forums. Can you tell us what version you are using please.

v 35.3.5

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You might want to keep tabs on this thread…

Been some chatter about your exact issue.

[quote=“Airport CEO Alpha 35 Released (The Terminal Update) [Experimental] Game updates, post:1, topic:15718”]

Capture4.PNG1215Ă—853 370 KB

Please report bugs as per usual with the in-game bug reporting tool and additional discussion is always welcome here. We will as per usual supply you with multiple stabilizing updates during the coming weeks until we’re ready for a default deployment.


do u know what part.

Missing objects


what part of the topic / thread

Towards the end. Look for Olof’s updates.


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