Load Times are Way Up Again

When Beta 1 was released, I was really, really impressed at how fast the airports loaded. I even tested with an Alpha airport although the first time you load an Alpha airport in Beta, it takes a while, after a save and then a reload, it always would load super fast.

Now after the first (and subsequent) Beta updates, the game is taking longer than ever to load the airports.
Example Airport - Built in Beta
Last one - built in Beta - took 2564589 ms and that translates to a 42 minute load time.

Also, I can’t figure out the debugger messages that it is displaying regarding the airport. If you look at the attached

Debugger shot, the airport that it is loading has:

1 Security / 1 International Zone - it reports 2376 Zones.
23 Rooms - (Bathroom, Staff, Store, etc) it reports 107 Rooms
Dont know what an item is but if it is a plant or something - I still think 3638 of them is high
1 Staff: it reports 43 people.

The airport isnt even complete yet - no luggage is moving - nobody works there - There are no aircraft yet and the airport is still closed -

I just cant figure out what takes so long to load.

As I said I could load this exact same airport in Beta 1 and it would load in less than 5 minutes. All my airports loaded very fast.

Just an FYI

Can you check your savegame folder and tell us how big that savegame is?
How much memory does your computer have?
Do you use mods? If yes, how many?

The most performance ACEO needs is Memory. As bigger your airport gets and as more mods have to be loaded, more memory is needed. If the computer does not provide enough, it writes the data to your harddisk which then causes immense loading times.

One of the later beta sprints has an issue devoted to data retention, i.e. a complete look at what data we serialize and really need - we know that we have a pretty large overhead here and have a lot to optimize. However, we’ve made absolutely no changes that relate to anything loading between Alpha 35 and the current beta version, so your loading times sound like they’re caused by a factor of random.


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