Liverpool Gerrard Airport (IATA LSG)

So, this is the one I’ve been working on to test the limits of my computer. It is still a small one but I think it’ll be around the capacity my poor laptop can handle. It consists of 3 piers, 2 with 6 medium stands each, one with 6 small stands, 3 baggage terminals (one for each pier), a looot of service vehicles and still getting all the personel hired. 4 runways for commercial aircraft. There’s also GA, 20 stands with 2 runways.

It needs some tweeking but I’m pleased about how PAX are going through it.

There’s also 6 employee rooms, one for janitors/service techs, one for security, one for airport staff and 3 for ramp agents by the baggage stations.

Main concourse

Closer look at the entrance

GA stands

A part of the flight planner for the day. It is the same for 2 days in a row. At the time of screenshots there were 1500 PAX, coping good in 1x and 2x, around 5 FPS in 3x.

Now, I know pilots like to go high, but I always thought that meant altitude (investigations ongoing).

Hope you liked it.


Nice …

Forgot to mention: for full disclosure, as this is just testing my computer, I unlocked all tiles and used the motherlode cheat. Man, was this expensive to build

Nice design!
Not ridiculously big or small… so a good size! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! It’s proven to be quite efficient. I can’t take all contracts but if I add a couple of stands on piers A and B, I think I’d be able to. Most likely this is the design I’ll be elaborating on when I play for real. Still need to test some vehicles and personel ratios. Also, there’s room for more GA, I can go up to 30 stands but I don’t know if the runways will be able to handle that much traffic.

Do you have a link where i can download it?

Looks nice. Really would like to try this one on my machine. Got a download link for us to test? :wink:

Hold on, I added the couple of stands and more check in desks that were missing. Lemme test it and I’ll see how I can upload it.

Waiting eagerly :wink: