Little steps over conveyer belts

Due to my poor planing my ramp agents are taking the long route round to get to and from a baggage bay. The easiest way would be to go over them. So thought it would be good if we could have some little steps to place over the conveyer belts to get to the other side.

Can you not just send the baggage conveyer underground to create a little gap.


Yes, but I have something below my belts so can’t do that. A lot of bad planning on my part!

What about a change that all conveyor belts inside staff zone are just considered normal walking ground for pathfinding (instead of now, walkable but tried to avoid if possible)?
At least what I’ve seen from documentaries, most conveyor belts in the “hidden” area are not running on the ground but above ground (and even on different levels crossing each other), making it possible to walk below. Of course the baggage bay and also conveyor belt in passenger area would be the exception, because in the passenger area you usually just have the baggage claim on the floor.

Another - more difficult to implement - option would be to explicitely raise the level similar to switching between floors, just that it wouldn’t be a whole floor but just half of it.
The higher level would have poles left and right and maybe some different shadow / lighting to make it visible; the connection of raised level and floor level would ideally be done automatically if you connect those different pieces. As long as we don’t want to support same-floor crossings, this would be an easy solution.
Elevators to other floors would also simply connect to any of the two, whatever you have in place, keeping construction as simple as possible.
With this option, I’d generally make floor belt impossible to walk (exception check-in desk for the staff, like the current behaviour) and raised belt no obstacle for walking.

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correct me if i’m wrong as i haven’t played the new alpha (if it’s out) but i’m pretty sure that employees walk over them just fine, as do passengers

This changed like 2 alphas back

They walk over it, but try to avoid. So if there’s a longer way without walking over it, they’ll instead go the longer way (at least that’s what I saw in the game).

That’s what I have experienced to, they used to walk over them.

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