Lists of all my ideas

When PA released, i become addicted to play that game. 90% suggestions that suggested to PA developers are comes true to the game. I hope on this game too ! After watched pre-alpha gameplay, i have several idea to developer about this game such as :

  • Light System

  • Manual Selection
    Similar with PA light system, there has an option to auto-light on/off. I looked on the video that the interior lights are too bright (for me) and the exterior (road stuffs etc) are dark. Especially the terminal gate, the light just in the middle of the terminal. A decorative light color could be nice maybe.

  • Security System

  • Guard/Doctor/Soldier/Customs/Dog Handler
    Maybe there will be have a staff selection for security like guard is set to be front of airport, doctor/dog handler/soldier will be at emergency areas, customs will be at checkin place or maybe have a emergency call selection.

  • CCTV
    From what i watched on the pre-alpha gameplay, there is no CCTV feature since in real life CCTV is the important things in airport. Maybe the system can detect security guard on terrorist that blacklist etc.

  • Utility System

  • Electricity
    Maybe there have a feature for electricity room and generator room? So player will not just challenged to manage the airport service but the electricity system will also challenge too.

  • More Facility

  • Internet/Wifi Area

  • Smoking area (Probably?)

  • Call booth

  • Lounge Room

  • Business Room, VIP Room, First Class Room

  • A Valet parking maybe ?

  • Hotel reservation with some hotel feature (Jacuzzi,spa,fitness). Could be usefull if there have flights that delay

  • Delay system? I know its too fast to mention this but i just share what in my mind right now

  • Can manually ask guard to frisk passenger will be fun

Sorry before if my ideas too many, im addicted to game like this. So i just can suggest it. Maybe more ideas will come after we all see the dev progress. Hopefully they hear us :smiley:


Ah, this thing is very important. Hopefully once there have a very very very many passengers, the game would not lag. PA cause lags once you have +450 prisoners and make the game become unplayable

But PA got an update, now it can handle 1000… easily. Tho clock slows down after 1000.

There should be unarmed officers, taser-armed officers and armed officers patrolling the area as well.


Ya but it took so long for an update for that things tho’

Ya, a patrol security guard

by officers, I mean police officers

Sorry, the rules clearly state that you can’t name your thread “list of ideas”, instead, try to break them up and post in relevant topics. If there is none, make sure you give the topic a relevant name! :slight_smile:

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