Limited Number Of Contracts

I think that there might be a limit on the number of contracts for FOOD and SHOP’s in the game as there are no more contracts for them. (I have nine shops in my airport.) This is not a bug as the devs might have intended to do this. This is why i’m reporting it on the forums!

There are only 9 shops, which is why you dont get more :slight_smile:

@pderuiter Aaaaahhh, didn’t think of that, thanks!

Can we get food & shop contracts in next release …?

Don’t ask me, I’m not the developer :slight_smile:
I do hope we can get the modding up and running soon, then we can add our own stuff (which we have a lot of :slight_smile: )

Or have more contract with the same brand. It would be good to have more of the same small shops, like coffecorners of magazineshops.

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True, allowing multiple of the same would at least not put a limit on the number of franchises you can have in a particular airport.

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Or are you??? :wink: (the dev)

Finally took for ever to find this answer, I do have duplicate shops I believe. However when I try and sign contracts sometimes the list is grayed out. Just wondering what was going on.

Thanks a lot in advance,John

Thanks for creating this amazing game and working so much on it!!