Limit Of Airports In A Certain Area

So if you decide on making Airports in a certain area could there be a limit on how many airports would be built. Like Kansai with the Kobe, Itami, And Kansai leach markets off each other and would lead to reduced amounts of passengers unless there is a market for a new airport in the area.

What would really be the point of this feature? Would just limit the game and make it potentially less of an entertaining sandbox experience. It’s an arbitrary challenge that, if you really needed the feature you could just not build two airports in the same scenario…

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No i am saying it would be like 50 airports in one area would have a constant stream of passengers to all of them. One or another will get less or more.

This doesn’t really make any sense. If 50 people want to mimic London Heathrow, let them! I think you’re thinking that there’s a certain amount of passengers in a server based game. For now, it’s not as far as I know. Your airport’s passenger rate does not depend on others.

What i am thinking about is when an airport is made so close to another in a certain area and it is not on a live server.

Once you’ve made one airport in an area you like, you could never make a second one because it would just detract from the first. What if I want to make 50 iterations of Heathrow by myself and see which layout works the best?

Not exactly, the Osaka area has 3 airports such as Itami, Kansai, and Kobe. All of them have a decent amount of traffic and are still sustainable as they are.

If in real life I then added 20 more international airports in exactly the same place you would expect the demand to go down and there be significantly less traffic. However in the game world you want to have fun wherever you play, so you should be able to add 20 more international airports in exactly the same place and they all work fine.

Yes, i would agree with you on that but i think it could be a setting that can be turned on or off at choice.

Once upon a time games where able to be started, saved and loaded. I was able to play the same scenary different ways without affecting eachother.

If I want to build two ore more different styles of airports on the same region, why should they necessarily affect each other?

If optional, I don’t care, it’s anyones own playstyle in an singleplayer game.

But don’t prohibit players to build different independend airports on the same regions.

Also they wouldn’t count as separate airports because the game would call the worlds airports in themselves, so even if you called it one it would still be one airport for the game

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