Let's talk about a certain (the upload mod) achievement [solved]

I hope this fits in here.

There is one certain achievement to get after uploading something into the steam workshop. While the intention is noble and should encourage players to be creative, the workshop is literally flooded with - without wanting to be arrogant - low-quality items like some chairs or a single toilet making it difficult to find good stuff. I think it is just to grab the achievement with least effort possible. If I had something to say I would remove this achievement as all it causes is spam most of the time.

Any opinions on it?

Regards, Doc


An issue almost every game has which provides Workshop support.

If I would be the admins of Steam, I would at least remove entries with zero subscribers after 12 month.
Imagine all those terabyte of data they could release.

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You have a good point, unfortunately an undesired side-effect of such an event. We’ll investigate the ramifications of removing this particular achievement all together.

Alternatively we’ll just as @Alexander suggested add an achievement for removing the crappy mod you just uploaded.



@Olof hahaha

@DocDesastro you are right, an oversight on our part and I’ll be looking at, as Olof said, removing it without breaking anything. Also, although it’s unfortunate we have to remove an achievement, I think that’s preferred over having a littered workshop.


Well…THIS would be an achievement to be spoken of in years to come. You got me luaghing on this one, Olof.


We have nuked that achievement now and it should be reflected across Steam by this point! :slight_smile:


Now imagine Holst’s “Mars, the Bringer of War” in the background and a squeaky voice stating “We nuked them!” - Kudos to those knowing this referral.

Nevertheless, thank you.

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