Lets go again ~ Expert TSH

Lets find out how the game is in expert mode with emergencies.


Emergency spots vs fines, mmm, they expensive.

It would be really nice if mails told WHY an emergency failed, so you could adjust your airport.



Walls are overrated.

Disaster country

Money is gone, but hopefully the fines too.

Shops! And no more money

Bird-strikes kill your cashflow, the game does not tell you how to prevent them, or the fines.

No refactoring of loans, means waiting out the loans.

Very boring game-play situation. ~ 108 hours to go

Waiting for refactoring. ~ 86 hours to go.

What is this about??? I have no fuel services on my field. ~ 60 hours to go.

Game just crashed on bug report, back to 83 hours waiting :frowning:

Lol, just got 3 emergencies, and I am back in the green, haha. That was worth a reload.

And since those emergency repairs are blocking new emergencies, no birdstrike fines :smiley:

First loan gone. Second loan ~ 158 hours

How about this :smiley: ~ second loan gone.

Adding some GA.

Second emergency depot up, and the first police patrols against animals.

Outer perimeter fence going up

Wish I could show a liquidity graph, but airport is going up in cashflow, but back in reserves.

Lol, my oil depots opened in a crisis, hahahahaha ~ but why does oil purchases breach your money limit?

Since I needed to loan a lot of money, building shops, to compensate the 5000 hourly cost from the loan from rents.

Current field

On small fields, its never difficult to have good airline results.

But it would still be nice if we could look in the black box behind it.

With shops up, I can handle the 3th position loan, you can see here last day results.

Another oil crisis. ~ is there a cooldown timer on such events?

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Restructured my 3th position loan, into a lower hourly cost bases, by taking 2 smaller loans and paying the 3 position loan. Fun thing; the daily report will note it as something negative :wink:

See, mitigating hourly cost (the on thing displayed in your face), is not seen as positive :smiley:, btw, my first position loan is payed back too. Remaining hourly cost ~ 2797

Underground administration hub, oil hub, garbage trucks.

Current terminal status.

Upgraded the entree terminal a bit, it was a packed mess.

Current expenditure, with 1 mil in the bank.

Upgraded all infra to concrete, only runway entrances cant upgrade

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Yeah if only runway entrances could be upgraded :drooling_face:
I only play extreme, and still too easy to make profit in my opinion xD


Moved security and made a new staff room, which meant I could remove that hideous block in the old terminal.

Running in the plus, 1.8 mil bank balance. still small stands only.

For the first time in ages I build remote stands

Remote business side going up, with emergency route for stuck Ramp Agents (experience) :wink:

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Oh my


Just had 3! non planned emergency flights in a few hours.

Scrap that; 4!

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Need more contracts, running out of small planes.

I love it, when everything is parked :smiley:


Added de-icing

Nice turnover / profit with only small stands.

Welcome 3th and 4th block ~ Fence going up

Procurement :smiley:

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Blockquote Oh my

Well said Void. Well said.

But I find myself following this and trying it myself with a bit of the youtube channel of this.


You always forget something when switching on baggage, lets find out what I forgot in a second.

One piece did not want to build in the belt system, bug report filed, 30 min later, new attempt. But the system works! :slight_smile:

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Baggage loading, drops to zero without cause now and then, else 95% would be no issue, also first time I have the terminal at around 50%.

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Current terminal setup.

Here, zero, from 97%, in 2 seconds.

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When you have a planning without a volcano for 48 hours, very unique :wink:

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Current statistics;

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May I rant against the runways being aligned one after the other? xD
Imagine the plane crashing past his landing in the first runway (I assume landing runway only?) and hitting the departing plane on the one in front :stuck_out_tongue:

Great stuff though ^,^


Having the terminal quality up is incredibly hard. Idk if only the statues currently contribute to it being nicer? Because I have good furniture, plenty of plants, decorated floors, windows, decals and everything at my disposition and it’s always 30-50% top (see Leeds Bradford Airport).


Yeah, I did not really plan for this, I wanted to plan for Large Planes Asap, but things got out of hand with just small Planes.


Ya, you should get medium and large planes as soon as you can lol, they are good money makers for sure, way better than small planes