Let's Discuss: Airports

I figured that the ‘Aviation Talk’ category was looking a little bare, so let’s talk Airports - from the real world!

Some points to get everyone started…

● What is your favourite airport to travel to/from and why?
● Are you a frequent traveller?
● Is there any airport you would love to fly to/visit?
● Your nearest airport?
● Why do you like airports so much?

Of course, the bullet points are just a starting point. I’m sure everyone has their own preference and have reasons why so I’d love to hear them!

Personally, I’ve never been to LHR, but I’d love to go. The busier the better in my opinion. :joy:


here is my answer:

1)Bristol Airport

2)Sort of, once or twice a year

3)I don’t know but a french alp airport

4)Exeter Airport

5)Because I like Aviation the topic itself

Answer of me.

  1. I like to travel from KLGB - Long Beach Municipal Airport as it has the opportunity to get from airside to plane in a shorter amount of time than KLAX
  2. Depends on the year, sometimes it’s 2-4 and for this summer it was 10.
  3. I would love to visit St Martin on both the Dutch and French Side.
  4. My nearest Domestic Airport is KLGB and my nearest International Airport is KLAX
  5. I am interested in Aviation in general.
  • I guess I’m biased but since the renovation of CPH, Copenhagen has become a really nice airport… at least a lot better than what it used to be. Alicante was quite nice as well!

  • I used to be, but then I grew up an my parents decided that I’d have to start paying for my own trips…

  • I’d like to visit Dubai, mainly because that I’d probably recognize a lot from all the documentaries.

  • Sturup Airport (Malmö) which is quite small, but I usually travel from CPH as it’s just across the border (like a 40 minute train ride from Lund).

  • This is a really good question, and I’ve thought about it several times. What I like the most is the smell, from the cafés, from the taxfree stores and just… you know, in general. It’s hard to put my finger on it but I think the anticipation of the upcoming adventure also adds a lot to it. I also love the lights, all the billboards and commercials and stuff like that, especially at night when everything just pops out.


Brilliant answer, I can totally relate to this! I love going through security and walking through Duty Free, and you can just smell all the perfumes and everything just looks so bright! The atmosphere is just great, especially in the busier airports.

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  1. Singapore Changi Airport! Always my favorite. They are always efficient, professional, clean, loads of activities to kill time and Wi-Fi. Lost my stuff twice and they found it within minutes. Plus I normally fly Singapore Airlines.
  2. Reasonable. Let’s say 3-5 times a year. This year is only twice,
  3. I have been to a few international airports…Incheon Korea would be interesting
  4. Changi Airport!
  5. I love travelling and planes! These took off when I was a kid when I sat in both the cockpits of 747 and 737

Stockholm Arlanda because it is the biggest airport I travel from a lot. Also the view from Sky City is pretty sweet.

No, maybe one or two round-trips a year.

It would be cool to travel to Sydney, Australia

My nearest airport is Linköping City Airport, LPI. It is has two routes, one is to Schiphol so you can reach the world with one stop. Also Saab uses the runway to test their jet fighter Gripen. I once had P.E. outside and a jet fighter was flying right above us to land. Lets just say I lost focus on the lesson for some seconds. :wink:

The biggest reason I think is that something is always happening. I like the feeling.

Cool idea! Let me add in (could be similar to Olof as we live very close). Long post incoming, I got a bit carried away. :slight_smile:

  1. Copenhagen Airport – It is a medium size airport (not to big, not to small) with lots of international and transatlantic flights. It is my most used airport and I always feel very much at home there.

  2. About 2 international trips a year, maybe 1 or 2 domestic. I always try to book a nice window seat or try to exchange seats with other passengers if I can (my girlfriend always laughs at this).

  3. Many! St Martin, Dubai (say hello to Hassan), Singapore or some of the nice Asian airports. Gibraltar and Innsbruck would also be fun.

  4. Malmö Airport (Sturup), a fairly boring airport to be honest, but the nice thing is that when you fly domestic you only need be there about 20-30 minutes in advance as it is so small.

  5. Great questions. Let me get a bit deep here.

Vibe: The atmosphere at an airport is fantastic, people are generally very optimistic and excited as they are about to get on a nice holiday or visit relatives/friends. You can sort of feel that energy as you walk through the airport. The buzz from the many restaurants and shops also help create this special feel.

Logistics: I love just sitting by a window and watch the perfectly synchronized “ballet” that is taking place between man/women and these wonderful machines. There are so many people, processes and steps involved in getting one flight turned around and it is just so fascinating to watch.

Then, when you have boarded and are taxing out to the runway and you hear the double chime (soon to be your turn to takeoff). The strobe lights go on (only visible at night) and you get into the “position and hold”. It is a bit quiet and all the sudden the engines spin up to about 40 % for a few seconds but you know that more is to come. Then the PIC pushes the throttle to takeoff thrust and the engines roar as you feel the increased G-force and very soon you are in the air. You are flying! That is just an awesome feeling! :airplane:

  1. Zurich Airport so far was the best for me. I would also add the worst…Charlles de Gaulle in Paris.

  2. Hmm, 10 times a year or so, at least. Just the past month it was about 6 times.

  3. I would love to fly to Kansai airport. It has an amazing architecture and was built on an artificial island. St Martin would also be cool I guess.

  4. Until recently the closest airport was Stockholm Arlanda but I am moving to Lausanne so the closest “real airport” is Geneva International. And since I am writing this in Sumatra, I think the closest large airport atm Kualanamu International in Medan.

  5. My dad works as an aeronautical information and communications technician and since I was a kid I had a close connection with planes and airports. I also wanted to become a pilot and did a lot of flight simulation for a whole, but turns out I am colorblind so that plan got scratched and I went into computer engineering instead.

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What is your favourite airport to travel to/from and why?
Glasgow International, Scotland. It’s nothing all that special I suppose, but it’s always been a favourite of mine. Probably more for nostalgic reasons than anything. The approach over the city is great.

Are you a frequent traveller?
Kind of. I average about 12 flights a year. Not “frequent” enough to earn lots of points and access to luxury lounges, but I’m no stranger to the skies.

Is there any airport you would love to fly to/visit?
Heard lots of good things about Singapore, but St Maarten would be a fun approach!

Your nearest airport?
Currently Liverpool, but I’ve never flown from there. I usually go to Manchester when I fly; it has a wider range of destinations and often better flight times and fares.

Why do you like airports so much?
Airports are our gateway to the world. If I’m in an airport, I know I’m going somewhere interesting.

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[quote=“me123, post:10, topic:414, full:true”]
What is your favourite airport to travel to/from and why?
Glasgow International, Scotland. It’s nothing all that special I suppose, but it’s always been a favourite of mine. Probably more for nostalgic reasons than anything. The approach over the city is great.[/quote]

I can relate to this - I fly from here at least once a year. This airport just reminds me of being younger and always going on our family holidays, it’s funny to think how it has changed over the years. Definitely up there being one of my favourites. :heart_eyes:

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  • FRA
  • Sure 30k - 40k miles a year
  • I love HKG it’s no so messed like others
  • SCN
  • Good question… I like planes, I like to fly and airports are the harbour , the management facility, the base for each flight.

● Singapore Changi Airport cause it’s home!
● Travel 4-6 times a year
● I’d love to visit SFO,
● Singapore Changi Airport
● I just love watching planes coming in on final and departing, it’s like eye candy

My favorite airport to travel to and from is Denver International Airport because I love to see all the options I have and to see the art and just watching the aircraft fly in and out of the airport.
I travel about twice a year at the most but I can’t wait to travel next year. I’m going to London,Paris,Spain,and Morocco, and maybe Hawaii.
The airport that I would like to visit would be any airport that has commercial scheduled flights but mainly the London City Airport or the Toronto Billy Bishop Airport.
The nearest airport that is a main commercial airport is D.I.A. or Denver International Airport, and another commercial airport is the Fort Collins/Loveland regional airport, but the closest non-commercial airport would be the Longmont Vance Brand Municipal Airport.
I loved airports since I was little. The aircraft are just so fascinating to me that I was immediately drawn in.

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● What is your favourite airport to travel to/from and why?
DUS Düsseldorf International by miles. Best airport ever. :slight_smile:

● Are you a frequent traveller?
Nope. :confused:

● Is there any airport you would love to fly to/visit?
Too many…

● Your nearest airport?
Nearest airport with frequent connections: Maastricht-Aachen Airport but Ryanair’s base so… :cry:

● Why do you like airports so much?
I am an avgeek since I can think… literally… :airplane:

Im going to reply by making a list of the airports I want to go to (and you say its too much @alpha)

  1. Schipol
  2. JFK
  3. Dubai
  4. Paine field
  5. LAX
  6. Heathrow
  7. Paro
  8. Lukla
  9. Madrid Barjas
  10. Honlulu intl…

I wasn’t meant to do ten, I just randomly happened to put on ten and then number them :wink:

Also I was raised in Italy, and I lived near Pescara airport, which has a great approach over the sea and has tall mountains in the background. The airport is great too, with a huge glass dome over the entrance (although they might have replaced it… I’m not sure)
Postcard from Italy:

What is your favourite airport to travel to/from and why?
By far the cleanest and easiest Airports I`ve been to. Both easy to navigate and have great connections.

Are you a frequent traveller?
Unfortunately no. While I was working for a MRO at ZRH I had to travel regularly to HEL and DXB.

Is there any airport you would love to fly to/visit?
As said already in the thread by other SXM is on my list.
If I could travel back in time I would love to sit in a 747 on approach to the old HKG (VHHH/VHHX)

Your nearest airport?
Since my move last december it is now again MUC. OBF is a lot closer but its not an aiport open for public. (Sonderflughafen Oberpfaffenhofen Wiki only available in German and Danish.

Why do you like airports so much?
Worked at ZRH for over 7 years. First in Airline Catering and then at a MRO.
Also I lived VERY close to the runway. So my daily routine was watching planes land on on RWY28.
View from my old Balcony. Really miss the view.


To many people that would be a home from hell, but I’m actually quite jealous! I’ve lived under flight paths most of my life so I’m used to a bit of noise, but never that close (and nowhere that gets regular A380s either!)

Yeah, some friends of mine also said that they could not live there. They liked it for the occasional evening with steaks and beers though.
I am a lot more bothered with having Street noise than aircrafts landing over my head.