Length of runway required for landing (Plane wise)

I know that different runway lengths is already implemented along with manually expanding runways by selected number to tiles.
My question is slightly different.
Each plane requires a different stopping distance after touch down on the runway. Knowing approximately how much that distance is becomes important when placing taxiways for planes to exit the runway after landing. If the taxiway is at tye end of the runway, after landing, the plane has to taxi all the way to the end (wasting time). If exits are placed before the end, the plane can use that. However, if the taxiway is placed too early, then the plane may cross it before it slows down(actually happens to one of the planes in gameplay vid 3). And then that taxiway is useless and the plane will taxi to the end any way (or turn around and taxi backwards, which i am not sure is allowed)

Was wondering if there can be some indication or overlay to know roughly the length of runway that different planes would use for landing. This would help when deciding where the taxiways should go. If not, it becomes more of hit and trial (hit or miss).

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I think it’s a good idea, but is different deceleration speeds for different airplanes even implemented yet?

I like the idea, don’t get me wrong, but I’m not sure how fun / playable this will be.

The stopping distance is not the same of every airplane type.
So a Boeing 777 or a 737 have different stopping distance by default. (approach speed and brakes)
Next to that there are multi variables like:

  • Wind speed / direction
  • Tarmac dry / wet
  • Touchdown point
  • Cargo weight

Therefore, if you want to implement this realistically, the devs should cover at least all these features.
At this point, you could make taxiways at every 10 meters.

I will probably start with one at each end, and watch landings for several aircraft. After I see where most could be ready to exit the runway I will place a taxiway exit. Similar to how some college campuses do sidewalks, wait a semester to see where students walk the most, pave that.

It seems a nice idea but currently have no point because current runways doesn’t have fast-exit taxiways. In future maybe they can be added to runway’s default structure with options of “exit-entrance only left” “exit-entrance both ways” “exit-entrance only right”

I expect an edition because parallel runways doesn’t have “L” “R” markings.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if this is something that you’ll have to figure out yourself by trial-and-error or maybe there can be an airplane journal in the game witch states some stats including estimated stopping distance and then you can estimate the length yourself. I wouldn’t want overlays that tells you exactly where to put everything!


The beauty of games is that you can play around with things like taxiways as part of the experience. Or am I wrong?

this is a topic I have also thought about however, I think that trial and error (and imagination) are part of games. Or maybe I’m old :wink: .

I LIKE the fact that I have to figure things like this out!

Have fun with finding the solutions because to me that is part of the gaming experience! :slight_smile:

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