Legax airways

Airline Design Contest Submission


Airline Description: LEGAX AIRWAYS is the main airline connecting Europe to Asia. It was started in 1995 in order to connect the two continents. Flights are available to many great destinations and the airline is constantly expanding routes as the need presents itself. It is best known for being a airline that provides good service without costing customers an arm and a leg.

The airline operates mainly cost effective single-aisle jets such as A319, A320, A321 neo family, and Boeing 737-600/700/800. The airline is also looking into purchasing smaller Bombardier CS100 jets to help with more short haul or less demand flights that don’t require larger planes. The C series is viewed as a great line of new planes that will help fleets be more cost efficient.

Airline CEO Name: Paldin Khodabandeh

Airline Design Image:


Any input would be great!

I like the logo, and the feel of the livery.
Perhaps you could have the logo on both sides, to make it more realistic… :slight_smile: