Left side of map unlockable plots?

So in the GameData.json, next to the map grid size there are 2 additional plots of land listed, left and topLeft.

Was this from a earlier build of the game? And with the map size due to be increase, will we see them again?

Yes that was from the early larger map sizes. We know larger maps are forthcoming but as to how they will appear to use, I await to find out like you.


The large maps we’ll support will be six by two tiles, so yes they will return.


Let’s see if I understand. 6 x 6 tiles is a large and beautiful map, with all its little squares to build.

Current map:

It is an illustrative drawing of the game, because I do not have a new video card to play it.

Is a tile a dark square that I see on the map in the game when starting a new game?

(The dark square is the blocked tile with the padlock?)

If so, then there will be more tiles like that, right? :thinking:

Thanks and good week! :smile: :smile:

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Correct, there will be two more dark tiles to the left, one lower and one upper. Initial tile will be the lower center one.


Oki doki. :grin:

Got it, but I hope just before the final version … (let me daydream) … there will be more tiles … hahaha … :laughing:

Step by step and new update to new update. :smiley: :+1:

Wait, 6 x 6 tiles?! For some reason was thinking of a 3x3 gird with 9 total, but I reread your post.

No, sorry, six by two tiles, made a typo in my first post.

Surely you mean 6 tiles in a 3x2 configuration?

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Yes… I shouldn’t code and write on the forum at the same time… :stuck_out_tongue: :man_facepalming:


As long as you don’t write codes here… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Writing codes here is fine, its when you accidentally add a comma into the coding that was meant for punctuation In the forum that it becomes an issue!

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