Learjet 75 bug

Is this a bug?

There are shadows, but there are no elements themselves

check ACEO Modding Group MDKs, there it is fixed :wink:

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I can’t find something.
Is this the topic?

They were defiantly made…

Screenshot 2022-11-17 at 16.50.35

Are they on the vanilla GA planes?
/edit yes they have… so it’s a fault in the official MDK

@AKuzmin look at our Discord

Perhaps @Fredrik should be aware too?

Thanks everyone! I downloaded two archives. Both have a fixed learjet 75. That’s what I need.
Just one question. There texture files are different from the original ones (they have additional details). As I understand it, if you paint new details, then you need to write them in liveryData.json, and if you don’t paint, then just erase them from the texture sheet?

Old Photoshop and GIMP Compatible Livery Files.zip
Photoshop (PSD) Livery Files (bugfix) by Dawed.zip

Exactly, but better to discuss this on our discord for more details cause those mdks are accesible there (i guess the links i published here years ago don’t work anymore) for others, just pm me

I guess i allready told @Fredrik but i am not sure

Thank you! If you have any questions, I will write to the discord.

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