LAX Terminals 4-6

I added this to my ACEO “Ideas” folder a few months ago - this would be quite the challenge to duplicate in-game! :slight_smile:

What strikes me here is the density of stands - 13, 13, and 15 per pier, with a very small bottleneck for security. Notice also the single-width taxiways. LAX has drop-off/check-in/security/departures upstairs via elevated roadways, with arriving passengers heading downstairs to baggage claim at street-level.

Here’s a start:


I love it! I have tried a few times to duplicate LAX. But I have not gotten as far as you. I wanted to redo the whole airport but that is impossible at this time as the boundaries are too small. I can do it with all small gates and Medium gates as the TBIT… but I never thought to just do a couple terminals. I will have to try that sometime. Looks great btw