Late boarding start

Hey all!

I just started playing AirportCEO few weeks ago.

However, something which I don’t understand is: why does boarding starts so late (only shortly before departure)? The passengers are waiting and relaxing next to the gate. So why don’t start boarding earlier and giving mre space to late-coming PAX who went e.g. shopping or dining?
For my airport, this often leads to delays causing more and more delays again :frowning:

Is there a chance to modify this?

(Info: Yes, I have engough boarding counters/quick boarding gates there. 6 per medium gate and 3 per small)

Thank you for your help!



Boarding start depends on the number of passengers. + Boarding cannot start until cabin cleaning is finished.

There is even a bug on flights with 350+ pax which wants to start boarding even before the flight arrives at the gate.


It is sure that boarding does not start before cleaing is done.
But: why is there sometimes an hour between cleaning and boarding? This hour could really be used…

What kind of stand size are we talking about? Small, medium or large? And how many passengers?

Mostly medium ones, between 50 an 80 PAX.

That should not cause delays.
Do you use automated gate desks or the classic ones with staff? And does the staff arrive before the designated boarding time?

Only automated. 6 per medium gate

There is another discussion here regarding slow boarding and it seems that it currently only works fast in combination with both types of boarding desks.

Try to add one manned desk and check if there is a difference. Would be interesting to hear about the result.

Do you have a save for this? Sounds weird.

I will send one (again) latest on the weekend.
Also on Remote stands, the boarding time changes by 1 hour when a plane has reached parking position.


I experienced the same problem a while ago. Medium flights with a small amount of PAX would start boarding about 45min in advance. My solution was to increase the PAX slider to about 80-100% PAX per flight. This made sure boarding would start earlier so my flights could leave on time.


Wow. I am amazed. THIS was the solution!
Thank you so much!!

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Nice! It’s a weird solution but what works works😂

Not the best solution for players with poor hardware. :confused:

Generally, it may be better if there is an option to actively decide about the boarding start manually. Then all players could have the same :slight_smile:

Does somebody how big the chance is to integrate this?

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