Last update from 21st of June is literally disaster

Dear Devs.
I dont understand how you could release such a bad update which screwed up almost everything for me. Here is the list and its pretty long list. How is that possible that you released this game update? It is beyond me.

1)Shops are not working. People are inside they are saying they are shopping but they visit the shop and they wont buy anything and after about 20 seconds they leave.
2) Passengers wont sit at gate seating and they complaining that they are tired (zzz). Only passengers which want to sit are passengers which are waiting for baggage or passengers which are wating before the check-in desk is open.
3) When you click on notification with the magnifying glass it zooms too close. It is very annoying. I want to be redirected to that location and I dont want to be zoomed to the ground that literally for example plane at the plane stand is in my face.
4)When I turn off notifications I still get them and it is huge spam. For example when one security employee is missing at security checkpoint there is spam about 50 times that passenger X,Y,Z could not find security checkpoint. This causes huge problems and as soon as one guard left security checkpoint all people in line go away and they are trying to find different security checkpoint. This causes delays to all flights. Simple fix would be that passengers cant leave the queue and they will wait because the new guard will be there within 30 seconds.
5) When your new shiny overlay is active (for example I’m looking into job applicants or I’m looking into economy panel game almost freezes in the background. From some 60 FPS which I have at very large airport with 30 stands and about 2500 people there I’m getting 2-3 FPS!
6) New improvement related to repairing all items is fine idea but for god’s sake do you know how many items like seating, sofas, desks, toilets and all other things which break are at the airport? It is about thousand items and it is not good solution to click on all these things and repair them. More precisely I like this new option (to repair item in advance before item breaks) but it does not make any sense to repair it in a way how it is possible right now. It should be automatic. Let us assign items or special area in terminal to specific repairmen. Or let us set that every items when will be at 20% or 25% of “lifetime” service technicians will automatically go and fix this item before it breaks.
7) Almost all these things which I mentioned above resulted in a bad reputation of my airport. My last save had above 95% passenger satisfaction and airliners were 97%. Now with all these problems which causes delays on different areas at the airport my reputation (rating) dropped to about 20% with airliners only because of this update. I think it illustrates that you screwed up big time with this update :frowning:

In the end I have to say that you disappointed me with this update a lot. You made it unplayable for me and unfortunately I’m qutting this game for now until fix will be released

I’m confused how this has happened as all the issues you mention seem to be fixed for other in posts?

This I observed too.

Rezone the secure zone and they will sit again.


Just set the notifications to a “bubble” only.

It seems the vehicle / staff windows are causing lag indeed when your list gets bigger.


Had the same yesterday, my airport went to 0% on all airliners, then you loose access to all 4/5 star shops too, that is a lot of income to miss, when you have 500 staffers walking around, you simple stop making a profit.

WOW, I’ve been on the experiment branch since it was made available. Yes there has been things that have not worked, that our Dev’s soon solved them and made them work again.

I’ve been reading your posts @Overlord You have ALWAYS had a negative view in all of your responses to pretty much everything I’ve read. You challenged everything even when a positive answer was given to you, and then continued to give a negative response when actually the outcome was positive.

It maybe this game is not for you? You seem to find negatives with every positive that is suggested? (feature voting especially)I have read your comments and observations, but personally this game just gets better and better.

Your continuous negative thoughts are comments may be needed elsewhere. Constructive feedback and helpful development though is very much appreciated. Alas that is not your style. That is not a criticism, you just have a personal differential style. I DO NOT condone you for that at all. Your feedback will be useful to everyone and to all of the games you play.

I my be playing the game wrong but I don’t experience any of the issues you have expressed problems with. I’m on a Mac too so more of an edge case I know.

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I’m new to this forum and I have about 3 replies and two posts created. So I dont know how you could generally say that I always have negative response. It is not negativity it is called constructive feedback. I’m pointing out big issues which should be fixed ASAP and also at some issues I’m proposing a solution. I’m not blind fanboy who will claim that game is working fine or the issues which are there are not gamebreaking. And I’m not in some experiment branch I opted out from every beta on my steam account. I want stable game. If it was up to me I would be so happy if I could roll back to game version which was there until 21st of June. Unfortunately this is not possible.

you raise some valid points. The devs are hard at work to fix the issues that have come up as soon as possible. I do agree with Rubble that you sound overly negative in this post. Then again, i can understand you get frustrated with unexpected issues :slight_smile:
Hang in there, take a breath and keep cool :wink:

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with the game and I appreciate you taking your time to write such a detailed post! :slight_smile:

This update is the largest one we’ve pushed for the game ever and there will never again be such a large change happening at once. Even though we’ve tested the changes a lot on the experimental branch it’s simply not the same with having all the players on the default branch test it. I do have to point out, though, that the game is in an early acess state for a reason and that when the game develops like this bugs that affect gameplay drastically can occur, even for the default branch. The best thing to do is to report them via the in-game bug reporting tool and then allow us a few days to fix them, and we will be deploying stabilizing versions to the default branch this week. We have a very transparent development process so you can easily follow up and see when a bug has been fixed.

Point 4 (can’t find security spam notifications) is really annoying. Yes, I can turn off notifications but I could be missing other important messages.

You can filter which notifications show and the duration

Well, first of all I think even though I am also not super satisfied with the update, I do believe that most of the issues have been resolved by now. However, the update somehow messed with my save game, making it impossible for me to keep on playing. The problem is the following (I also did an official bug report, but I found some new things by now):

I saved my game before the update, my airport has some GA with a separate runway, 8 small stands with a separate runway and 23 medium stands with two separate runways. All of the small stands and about half of the medium stands had flights scheduled when I saved the game.
After loading the game, all of the scheduled medium flights and some of the scheduled small flights were gone from the flight panel. Some of the planes however were still at the airport and due to them not being scheduled, they would not leave since they do not have a departure time (this is what I already explained in the bug report). Now, I closed all stands, all runways, disabled all services, closed the airport and sent all passengers home. After reopening the airport and so on, I can now schedule flights on the small stands which are not occupied by the aforementioned stuck planes and these newly scheduled flights will operate as normal. But on the medium stands, even if there are no flights scheduled and there is no plane at the stand, no flights will operate, resulting in the message (Flight XXX cannot land since stand XX is occupied). Is there a way to completely reset the scheduled flights and dismiss all aircrafts? I do not mind rescheduling all the flights, but I would really appreciate to be able to use all gates of an airport I spent quite some time on building.

You cant dismiss planes without departure time from the stands manually?

Unfortunately I can’t since the stand doesn’t recognize the aircraft.

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