Large work in progress airport (Creative mode) - Updated

My highly detailed airport. Construction is currently delayed in anticipation of upgrading the runways and taxiways. I figured i would share my progress as it currently stands in hopes someone can draw inspiration from it and carry over some ideas into their own airports. Enjoy!

First off, while i appreciate all feedback I was caught off guard by the comments regarding the taxiways. I fully agree with your suggestions, however I felt they were obviously not finished and i mentioned that “construction is currently delayed in anticipation of upgrading the runways and taxiways.” in the description. I cant find a reason to complete the runways and taxiways when the next update will provide more options in building. Regardless, here is an extended view of a slightly edited version of the last photo that may clarify how I intend to build the taxiways.

To address the other questions, the buildings to the south consist of the main airport office (specifically for board staff) as well as the main metro station, with a road going through it. The idea is that i can eventually connect the buildings via a 2nd floor, making them a singular metro station.

Here are some extra pictures for better detail.


This…This is just…waw :heart_eyes:

Also, how many runways you planned to built? Do you also planning to include Remote Stands?

(P.S. could you give me the save file when it was finished? Would be thankful if you do!)

Very nice!

Just, those one lane taxi ways… double lanes for air-traffic can handle more in/out crossings from your medium gates, I think you will now hit jams.

He is right. Also with new experimental release you can make taxiways 1 way as however you want so this will solve the ground traffic jam.

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Looks very cool and detailed! Gives me ideas indeed, very nice airport! I’m wondering what the buildings on the left are and what the purpose is.

Would also be nice if you could share it on the Steam workshop, so we can play and see even more details. :wink:

Building on the left is prob a non secure staff facility. I put them in some of my airports for realism but without much function.

I only plan to have two runways, potentially a 3rd for general aviation if I can find room. I would like to add as many remote stands as I can fit (:slight_smile:

could you give me the save file?

Absolutely stunning. But with an airport of that size, how have you not melted your PC?

It might be an old topic, but I was wondering, if I were to make OP’s 1-lane taxiway 1-way, how would the airplanes even come into the stand or exit the taxiway onto the runway after leaving the stand?

Wouldn’t having a 2-lane taxiway (1 for entering, 1 for exiting) be the only option then?

Parallel taxiways will be one way. Ramp taxiways a.k.a taxiway right in front of stand has to be two ways. Otherwise deadlocks happen