Large staff room with offices and amenities

With the introduction of multiple floors, I’ve decided that in this airport, floor 2 will be reserved for staff use and lounges. Of course this one may be over the top in terms of how much space it takes up and what it offers, but hey…why not go for a little fantasy.

This includes:

  • An entry area from the non-secure area of the airport with 2 escalators and a small shop for employees
  • An executive section (top area)
    • A reception area for the executive suite
    • A CEO office with a private bathroom, private sitting room, main office, a waiting room, and assistants
    • 3 conference rooms of varying sizes
  • A cafeteria with 4 private dining rooms for lunch meetings (top left)
  • An auditorium for all-staff meetings and presentations (bottom left)
  • A work area (middle)
    • Open plan seating for occasional desk use as well as small conference rooms
    • 2 bathrooms
    • 3 small conference rooms
    • Private security line area so employees can easily access secure and non-secure areas of the airport
  • A recreation area (bottom right)
    • Small theatres and reception rooms
    • Casual seating and tables
    • 2 bathrooms

Overall layout:

Executive section:

CEO office:

Staff Cafeteria:


General Work area:

Staff Security Entrance and Exit (down to secure area of the airport):

Recreation area (right) and small shop (bottom left):


I can’t even find motivation to place bathrooms but you find motivation to build an entire airport managemen facility with all necessary sub systems

Really nice job :blush: :+1:


I’m confused. Is this Airport CEO or Office CEO?


Wow! This looks so good! I anyways thought my offices were cool but when I look at your images I realize they’re so much better.


Dedicated staff security solutions are always a good idea. Brilliant job! :slight_smile:


Very nice! I am usually focusing on passengers areas but this makes it much more beautiful.
I think the multiple floor option brings more space to realize that.


Thanks for the comments!

@yuuka_miya, I’m not sure if your comment is sarcastic or sincere. Offices are part of airports. This is only one part of the airport on one level using space I wasn’t going to use for anything else.

Having multiple floors allows for experimentation and trying things out and others are no doubt looking at ways to use the new space.


Bruh, your office complex are larger than my airport’s terminal :rofl:

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Without copy paste tool I would probably lose my mind and patience while 10% of construction.

That’s amazing.


Amazing :smiley:

Wait there’s a copy and paste tool???

Not yet

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It’s a great work, but I don’t see how this fits so much into an airport environment.

If you want criticism, I’d say that there needs to be a lot more representation - this could just be the office of the airport management organization - hence “Office CEO”.

Airlines will want office space as well, and then there may also be the local aviation regulator, perhaps customs as well…

Very nice!


Im so going to use some of your staff office and amenities design at my ABQ airport!!! I love this!! Thanks for sharing!

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My staff get a few 4x4 cells scattered around the airport and they like it.

Granted, it did add an interesting twist to Prison Architect when they added staff needs.

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