Large planes, default mode

On default mode (realistic international flights turned off), are all large planes international only?
I have this large pad in an international zone, but the route is Hokkaido Japan to Okinawa Japan which is a domestic flight.

True. If you get large domestic airplanes while setting is OFF then there suppose to be something wrong with.

EDIT: Answers below are correct. In some specific cases you can get domestic large flights

In the default mode, large gates just require int zone and passport checks, but the routes do not matter. This is actually correct and works as designed. Otherwise you could not handle large domestic flights.

The destinations only matters in the advanced mode.

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there is a small trick when you dont like do add passport check and int zone…
change game settings to realistic, connect your boarding desks, save the game, close, open game and change the settings back and now load and everything is working…

Ahh… thank you I think I understand.
So the route is just a visual thing and the mechanic is just small/medium = domestic, large = international on normal mode?

If it was advanced, it would spawn routes like New York City - Montreal on a CRJ or 737 which would need a medium pad inside an international zone?

Every plane should have a min/max range. So long haul routes should be served by large planes.

On the advanced mode you will need to have flights to others countries in an international zone.

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