Large Jets and Fuel

I have noticed that the fuel trucks are carrying insufficient volumes of fuel to completely fill a large jet, causing delays while it returns for more fuel or a second truck finishes the job. There’s not problem/programming bug per se, but it doesn’t make logical sense for a fuel truck to show up unprepared for the required job. The solution to me is development/implementation of a subterranean fuel pipe system with fuel pumper trucks as I had suggested in the past, or increasing the fuel size/load of the trailer trucks to allow them to complete their required task each time. The fuel infrastructure is more realistic. It just causes needless delays in turnaround time for large aircraft, especially the biggest two birds.

That’s what the largest fuel trucks are for. I understand your view though.

I use those, and they don’t have sufficient volume most times. Especially, if they didn’t start with a full tank from the previous plane.

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