Large gate - Baggage service issues when shared with M planes

Hey guys

I am the only one with this issue? I can’t find any other topic.

If I use Large gates for M and L planes, baggage service does not run correct.

  1. I can’t assign a belt loader and an ULD loader to a gate at the same time.
  2. If I assign the belt loader for M planes: ULD loader may does not come for L planes or it uses an ULD loader parked very far away at the other end of the airport, even one next to the gate is parked with no job.
  3. If I assign an ULD loader, no belt loader will come in case a M plane is parked. Baggage handling will be processed but with no loader.

So currently to make it work I have to assign an ULD to the L gate and in case a M plane is there, baggage handling looks strange because no belt loader is there.

I had this so far in all my different savegames.
reported as ACEO-23193

I pointed this out back when Large stands first became available, you cannot assign both a belt loader and a ULD loader to the same stand. Not sure why the limitation as there appears to be sufficient room on the stand.

As a work around, I assign a ULD loader to the stand and then assign some belt loaders to a nearby parking lot. Works okay.

Yeah, I always used it the opposite way and assigned belt loades and used ULDs nearby. But since some days, this don’t work anymore.

  • When a belt loader is assigned to the gate, the ULD loaders do not come and baggage management gets stuck = plane delays.
  • And if an ULD loader is assigned, no belt loader comes and they unload it all by climbing the aircraft. (at least no delays)

First time I hear such a bug. Please make sure to report it via in-game bug report system.

@Olof @Fredrik you might want to check this out.

Pretty sure I bug reported it but that was when Large Stands first became available and I have no idea the number. Will have to load up a save and submit again when I have a chance.

Mine is reported. No is mentioned in the initial post.

I’ve also reported it a month ago (unknown number) when ULD was working and only the belt loader was affected. Seems to be a recent patch which caused that the ULD has issues as well.

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