Large Deicing Pad - No Supported Taxiway

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I’m having an issue since I did some redesign in my airport. My large deicing pad is not working for medium or large aircraft as it has an error indicating no taxiway path to a large runway.

The taxiway path:

I’m not really certain how to resolve this, any thoughts?

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Are your runways set to allow large aircraft? Check all your one way arrows too

So this seems to be a bug…my first reload didn’t fix it, but my susequent reload did. I placed a new one, same issue, presented the error, reloaded the first time, no fix, the second time, all is back to green and good. To answer your question however, yes, my runway is set to allow large aircraft.

Edit: Now that the error has gone and the connected has gone green, I’m still not seeing the service actually working. Not being requested despite it being turned on in Operations.

Edit 2: The issue seems to now be with the de-icing vehicles. They’ll randomly leave the deicing pad when they have plenty of fluid left, and then just not come back until I toggle the deicing pad.

As for the path warning and issues, this is something we’re currently investigating.

Regarding how de-icing actually works, we’ve now made it so that you’re required to build a weather station in order to operate the de-icing service. De-icing is not always required, only when it’s negative Celsius degrees outside. De-icing trucks will only be dispatched when there’s a need for it.


Thank you for making this clear - good to know! I wasn’t aware that it was only required during negative temperatures, this makes a lot more sense!

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