Large aircraft and Large stands

Hi Does anyone know when they will be releasing Large Stands and aircraft?
Thank you to anyone who can answer this?

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Currently there is no info about large stands and large aircrafts.

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Additionally to what @EG0611 has said, I suspect they’ll be a while off since we’ll need a much better optimised game to deal with it. They will most likely also have to resolve some issues of scaling with runways etc. also :slight_smile:

Check in desks will even be a problem, the airport is already to small :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha yeah, if you imagine flights that carry 3 or 4 times the amount of passengers to the current 737s etc. You’d need closer to 5-6 desks per flight :open_mouth:

I suspect that they when they introduce large aircraft and stands, they will also release large capacity desks as well to solve that issue.

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What exactly do you think large capacity desks would look like?

2 in 1, like, doubles.

How would that be any different to placing two ‘regular’ desks down though? I think it’s been mentioned before but I think the ability to draw a single queue to multiple desks will become pretty important down the track though.

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Could anyone of Airport CEO design perhaps gives some timeline on the larger aircraft + planestands timeline? When would this be in the game for the first time?

Or no deadline at all?

Thank you for the great game up to now!

I doubt Olof and Fredrik really have a set time for this, as they are focusing on making the game less buggy, less laggy and a better experience in general…

I would say wait at least a few months…400 passengers arriving at once may…stress…the game a bit… :slight_smile:

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It sounds like an update to reduce lag is coming in January, so if that works well, they will be possible starting then.

As for check in desks, I wish they could work so they weren’t paired with flights and any desk worked for any flight.


Thanks for your replly. I guess your right :).

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