Landing distances

I am not entirely sure whether it has been proposed/told/suggested by someone as there are too many new topics created, however wouldn’t it be nice to actually implement certain distances necessary for certain aircrafts to land? It doesn’t make sense that a 737 is able to land on a 600m long runway (cause the game has that issue that aircrafts are having a rwy excursion). Now currently in the format of game, real distances are not really able to be implemented due to size, but to add certain distances for certain aircrafts would increase the challenge by a bit.



+1 for this. My 736 overruns on landing and barely gets off the ground on takeoff :slight_smile:


In a way this is already a thing in the game. When you extend your runway you’ll see that GA takes a lot less length to slow down while a fully loaded 736 will have a longer roll.
So to have a non congested runway you’ll have to give them different taxiways to clear the runway as soon as possible.

I am pretty sure it is not implemented as of yet as some 737 are able to land on a 600m rwy, while other 737s need like another 600m on grass to eventually stop. Increasing the runway did not change that much for me as all aircrafts stopped at the exact moment they did on a 600m rwy for me (except those that glitched out and went over to dirt, even on a much longer rwy)

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That’s odd. For me they take more than 600m if available

All aircraft have been set to be able to land on the normal small runway we place down. There is another larger runway that is in game but isn’t available for us to build yet

I see the 736’s running to the grass also, so I don’t think it’s set that they can land on 600m

There is an issue where they tend to overshoot if you do 2x or 3x speed.
On normal speed they should never overshoot

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They do however on normal, not often though.

weird… I have a rather annoying problem where the planes consistently fly off the end of the runway. I think it’s because I tried to put the taxiways to the ends of the runway instead of perpendiculary, but there’s no consistency to it. I ended up nuking the entire runway set-up. Knowing now that I don’t need to lengthen it, I’ll just use the small default size. the problem too though is that it isn’t consistent. Sometimes the big planes stop and use the taxiways, sometimes they go off the end intot he X on the other side and vanish. Sometimes they go halfway to the x and turn around and come back.

the 737 needs at least about 1.500 meter to land, bigger versions up to 2.500 - 2900 meter. Huge planes like the A380 also need 3000 meters. Modern runways are up to 4000 meters. It would be nice to have at least a little more realistic runway length! It just look better,medium airports shouldn’t be as long as runways.

Totally agree with this… and to be more realistic i for some of those medium planes to look ok on taxiways you need to make taxiways 5 units wide… when you do that its wider than runway… which is almost never the case… this is important thing in realism… imagine big A380s on those runways… and taxiways with their wings going 3 units wider than the taxiways… :smile:

devs think about this pls

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