Lagging is terrible- unplayable

I used to play this game at least 2 or 3 times a week, and NEVER had any trouble with Lag or slowdowns or anything, then at about v.24 or .25 the lag just kills me. The screen drop to like 5 fps and it is just unplayable.

I have tested a couple scenarios and they only thing that is consistent is a large complex airport.

NO MODS -after the first 2-300 passengers enter airport - not playable
NO MODS -more than 3 aircraft - less than 300 passengers - not playable

NO MODS -Small airport - 4-500 passengers- terrible lag

I used to spend hours designing and having a great time with ACEO but it just isn’t possible anymore.

I have posted about this situation a couple times, and it seems there is no solution.

Is there a way to rollback a couple update versions (even if I lose the enhancements that were included in that release?) I really want to start playing again.



Do you have a bug report number? Or maybe your savegame on Steam so that others can take a look if they have that issue too?

If you have multiple terminals, is it possible they’re not connected with footpaths? Employees and passengers may sometimes drop off at the wrong terminal or, for a reason or another, link to other terminals. Having a couple tens or hundreds of them trying to pathfind a non-existent route will definitely cripple your route.

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