Lag when trying to accept contracts in the airport

hi all!

Since installing the latest mod for all airlines and businesses, when I go to procure a contract for example in the food zone the game drops to less than 1 frame a second and wont let me accept the contracts even though the zone has all the ticks for accepting them… I dont think its a hardware problem at all since my PC is more than adequate (I.E 8 core cpu and GTX1060 GPU). if anyone has any suggestions about this all are welcome! thanks again :slight_smile:


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Maybe you have an abundance to choose from? I notice, the more contracts I get, the more my framerate decreases when trying to sign a new contract. I just got into the habit of pausing the game when signing new contracts. This will improve the framerate, along with scrolling and selecting capabilities. I also pause my game when doing this because most of the time when un-paused, my green “Sign” button won’t work, even though I have met all the requirements. I think its a minor bug that isn’t high on the priority list right now.


I have never heard such a bug. Does this not happen when you don’t use mods? Also which mods do you use?

I’ve noticed somthing similiar, lagspikes when confirming a flight in the scheduler. I’ working on creating different surcomstances to look for differnces in it before submitting my report. I can say though during those spikes my cpu gets a drop in usage and resumes normal level afterwards. Is that also the case with you?

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happens to me all the time and I can’t accept contracts so I use F10 and regenerate and accept and it loads a lot quicker.

I currently use Airport CEO MM Back in Business

yeh it is… tried regenerate it , load the game back in and restarting it and wont solve it for me