Just a review | Utilities, Multi Story Customisation Things, Runway Maintenence

Here are a review of all my past ideas with a little refinement.

Utilities - Electricity, Water and Events
Adding water and electricity to Airport CEO is a big task for the devs adding a whole other mechanic, but after multi story terminals are implemented as well as larger planes utilities could advanced the game. Adding utilities with power stations (larger airports) or connecting to the grid (smaller airports) and water pumps would also allow random events to take place. Power overloads, pipe bursts, power shortages and others would keep CEO’s on their toes like in real life. And even adding airport associated events would also allow for some more unpredictability that would make the game more exciting.

Multi-Story Finishes - Gates
The devs are currently working or hopefully are currently working on Multi-Story Terminals and their are certain customisation that would make the game very creative and realistic. I believe that CEO’s should be able to customise the boarding process for their gates either with 1 staircase, or a staircase at the back of the plane and a jetway at the front. CEO’s should be able to select for certain sized/stared aircraft their specific boarding arrangement. For smaller aircraft it should be allowed for stairs or even small jetways with the option of only front boarding. Maybe for mid-sized planes front and back boarding is optional with stairs and jetways. But most larger aircraft must only have jetways and can only have front loading which is common accross the globe. This would help with boarding and allow CEO’s to add their own creativity and problem solving in trying to make their process the fastest and cheapest.

Runway Maintence - Scheduled
In real life a runway isn’t just magically repaired in the span of a second. In most airports around the world runways have scheduled maintence to keep the runway at a certain percentage of health. CEO’s should have the option to schedule runway maintence in certain runways at certain times with maintenece workers. The CEO’s should be able to choose how long and how often or if they schedule their runways to maintain the runways health percentage. This is a smaller feature but a game changer and a real healthy change in the realistic quality of this game.

I’m no expert by all means, but I believe these are some good ideas, if you have any refinements please comment.


I think this game needs a lot more airline participation. So perhaps boarding styles could be something requested by the airline, and then it’s up to the airport CEO to provide required services? (eg. 1/2/3 jetbridges, additional stair trucks for rear door boarding)

That would probably be the best way to implement it. It would also add more requirements to have certain aircraft. Great idea.


This would be a massive improvement as in real life airlines use 2 sets of steps in the UK to massively speed up the bording process to keep costs down

This is true, but be mindful that 737, and possibly other planes as well, have got retractable front stairs into the cabin.

Only some 737s, like Ryanair’s. Not everyone.

Still, I wonder when we’ll get carrier specific requirements on planes.

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Ok let me be more clear. EVERY 737 has got a space for airstairs. NOT every airline is using them to save weight and therefore save fuel. Ryanair uses stairs as they fly to many smaller or bit ackwward airports where gate support may be limited. I know JetBlue in the US does the same.

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Would be gool for a feature like the inbuilt stairs to be implemented into the game to remove the need for a air bridge or stairs. And to balance this the passenger handling income might be 10-20% lower.

Q400, and the ATR’s aren’t using stairs on a stand without jetbridge already.

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