Jumps out of the game

Why has my game started crashing all of a sudden? Is this a known issue or is it just my game? It just drops out of the game all of a sudden.

Do you play on Steam?
May verify the game files by the Steam client and check for updates on the graphics drivers.

Do you get a error box or is the window just disappearing?

Yes i play on steam. It just closing the game no error box. ? I have never had this problem before. graphics drivers is up to date.

try to verify the game files

Nope! Still the same.


What are your system specifications?
Does it crash in the main menu or when you start/load a map?

Results on that error are usually due to not enough VRAM.

The computer’s capacity should not be the problem. I have now cleared everything on the computer that had anything to do with the game and reinstalled it. And I have been able to play it for 3 hours without any problems