Jira link disappeared?

I used to be able to click on Development on the web site, then follow a link to Jira but that no longer seems to be there. Does anyone have the URL saved or has the Jira gone private? If so, might want to update the following text on the Development page:

Public issue tracker

As a part of our efforts to stay transparent with the development process of Airport CEO we have a publicly accessible issue tracker platform with which you easily can review and track the development progress. The platform we use is called Jira and is a platform for tracking bugs, improvements and new features (all known collectively as issues).

Hmm, strange, I’ll have a look at it. Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

I have this for the jira Log in with Atlassian account
But i have to say, the trello board has had alot of loading problems since ast week. My browser keeps telling me the page is crashing due to a long running script.

Thanks! Personally haven’t had any trouble with the Trello boards for Airport CEO or my own - could be a browser extension messing with things?

works fine now - loads and no crash or such

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