Jetway crossing sidewalk?

When building a jetway i keep getting the message to build a second floor; but I HAVE… But between the terminal and the stand i have placed a sidewalk. Is it not possible to extend over the sidewalk? Is it not long enough to cross?

Unfortunately not - to build a jetway the portion of the stand where the jetway will go must be placed directly next to the terminal

It is actually possible to have overlapping floors. That means in this case, you can remove the foundation in G-Level as soon as you have it on 1st Level with your jetway.


Good point - hadn’t thought about that

Alternatively to building and demolishing, just build two piers on Level 0 and then span Level 1 across the top of them… Level 0 is then available to put Parking Lots underneath.

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Is that save without pillars? :rofl:
I build them for decoration:

Pretty strong and long RSJs… :stuck_out_tongue:

I use it to place the busstop for remote stand, but in fact u can even place a taxiway underneath a terminal, if you place them in the right order :slight_smile:

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You can build skybridges, that is correct. Not very realistic with the numbers of floors we have ingame, but possible.

It also works when there is foundation on ground floor on both sides, then you can drag the upper level foundation over taxiways, streets etc.
Only on top of gates it is not allowed.

I do also like to build remote bus stops and service car parking lots beneath level 1.

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