Jet noise during turnaround/parking

I have asked this twice before since release (I see the posts have been removed), so I am only going to ask this one more time.

Please have the jets turn off the engines during turnaround/parking. After the jetway is extened, the engines should be shut off. In RL, the jets do NOT idle their engines for 4 hours while they are serviced, the engines are turned completely off, and do not turn on until the checklist before taxiing.

The prop engines in this game DO turn off their engines btw, so why not do the same for the jets.

The noise really hurts my ears, and I have to turn off all sound if I want to play the game. I am not enjoying it. It is such a little thing, but an important one for comfort.

Hi, it is not meant to represent jet sound but the aircraft APU and aircraft static ambiance. If you listen closely the jet engines both shut down and power up when the aircraft arrive and leave the stand. However, we know the sounds need improvement and we are in process of replacing them with more realistic ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much, it is really the only annoying thing about the game for me. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait for all the added functionality to come, but the sound for me is first on my list.

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