JAS Airport

Hi All,

Well i have played this game for around 600 Hours now, and it has been a joy to play.

So this is my original airport i have started, so it has it has been changed and evolved many times with the new updates and new items released.

It has 12 Stands but only 7 are presently operational. Once i am fully happy with the 7 stands and the performance and passenger happiness i will then work on the remaining 5 stands.

4 Airlines flying. British Airways, Air Lingus, Lufthansa and SAS.

16 Checkin Desks.

7 Stands:
3 Boarding Desk on each stand, to future proof this area with its own enclosed boarding gate area.

Baggage System is fully operational.
8 Baggage lines connecting into 4 Baggage x-ray systems, which again connect to a final decision seperate x-ray machine.

I have left 2 sections of the belt overground so i can see visually how the system is handling and the flow rate of bags from checkin

The bags that are cleared to load then go to four loading bags.


Holy shit, 600 hours :open_mouth: That means if you bought the game for $15, that you played this game for only $0.02 cents an hour :smiley:
(yes, i always calculate the hour rate of any thing i buy, imagine how cheap your bed actually is, our that $500 tv you thought was kinda expensive)

I like how you’ve split the security using top and bottom.
The only thing i perosnally idslike is the “maze” on the right.
Is that to force people to buy stuff? :stuck_out_tongue:


Impressive! Very impressive!

The gatenumbers is the floor are a nice touch :smiley:.

Recenlty added shop stars to my floors to indicate which shops to renew in which shop :slight_smile: .

Oh, your shop placement is awesome too! :smiley:

You dont like the mandatory sink, do you?

Nice to see others also ignore the weather station. :smiley:

Is your service vehicle @ gate 7 stuck?

Information screens in the Staff rooms, thats an idea! :smiley:

OMG, that secure lane for Baggage, thats really compact!

Thanks :heart: too many fun hours!, luckily steam reminds me. lol

I have actually rotated the screenshot to show it top and bottom, however the actual airport (how i work on it) is left to right, so Gate 1 is bottom left of the screen and gate 7 is top of the screen. (Cant be revealing the work under construction :stuck_out_tongue: )

yes the maze is for passengers to ‘explore’ what is available in the shop and it helps make my target lol.

Thank you :heart:

Thanks :heart:

Yeah, for some reason the Floor tiles which was white change to an off grey in this update, which i need to update.

Need new floor tiles though to distinguish the areas. I have made staff rooms and security lanes etc similar / same colours etc.

Mandatory sink? - They should all have multiple toilets, Minimum 2 sinks and 1 hand dryer in each toilet. The pic aint the clearest though. However i think i missed a sink build near gate 1 and 2 which i will fix tonight :smiley:

I will be installing the weather station though now the inside is running smooth, so i can redo area with the fueling and atc, now the inside is completed. The new weather effects and sounds are great.

Yeah i have a Tug and 3 Stuck at Gate 7 and A push back tug stuck at gate 4, for some reason. Will see if i can fix that tonight without using F10.

@Olof - Do you know why, when you sell push back tugs the value is $0? must be a glitch, cant be returning things for free :wink:

So i have 10 security lanes, and i spent a few days watching this but passenger reach airside quickly and easily. The two small security lanes are for staff only and 10 security lanes are for passengers.

Which is the secure bag lane?

Just updated, the first post with more info.