Janitor suggestions


i have some suggestions for janitors.

  1. I think that janitors should have a kind of cleaning machine (which can be purchased for amount X and which costs amount x/h) for cleaning the ground.

  1. A storage room for all the cleaning materials, which have to be refilled and supplied by an external truck or something. (Materials have to be ourchased as well, like fuel for example)
    The materials should be delivered via a warehouse ramp for example.

  2. Janitors should also empty the trash cans.

Please excuse me if these suggestions have already been made.

Comments are always welcome :grinning:


I agree! They don’t do too much right now :smiley:

That’s due to the realism in the game.

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I mean they do not do other stuff like cleaning, for example taking trash to special rooms or empting trash cans.

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