"I've grinded for this view" Achievement

So does the " I’ve grinded for this view", " X-ray vision", and " Wilhelm Röntgen" have to be done on a single Airport?.

Those and " Actually president of the company" are the only achievements I have left … Have no Idea how to get my worth upto $100 million I think the most I have got to is around $30 million LMAO

All the 3 you mentioned are tracked across save files, so you don’t need to do them on a single airport.
Actual worth 100M… Just AFK and farm money I guess?

ya … I set my bag scanner to have a lvl 3 first so every bag get’s scanned LOL.

I have edited my JSON file to set my “funds” above the $100 million and that is not the answer, but APOG will not let us know what they use to determine your “worth” so I don’t know if it is stands, income per hour, contracts … I am are flying in the dark for this one. 0.1% of people have it according to stream so if anyone that actually has it could chime in on what may be a good starting point that would be great.

I got it with editing the funds in the JSON file at 900 million and having a positiv money incoming for a few days.
Look in your save game by pressing F10 if it shows “archievement validation true”, if it says “archievement validation false” you won’t get it.

The way with a lvl 3 scanner before anything else is also my way to get this archievement, just missing 20 million. ^^

ok thanks for the info on the achievements.

In regards to “Nouveau riche” and “Actually president of the company”, they refer to the CEO worth in the Dashboard panel. The CEO worth is a combination of the worth of the airport (buildings/assets) and your airport rating.

I hope that helps! :slight_smile:



now i learned something new :+1:

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ya … I understand they “worth” part of it just don’t know how to “raise” my worth … have tried just large stands, airports with de-icing and not, only international … can’t get even close to the $100 million mark.

I did one on extreme, won Airport of the year 3 years in a row and still didn’t close to the mark.

Can you give more hints, like “large stands count more than medium”, “Contracts with vendors ie 47% of sales count more than ones with 17% of sales”

Also, does it matter if it is a automated boarding desk and passport gate or not. Is one asset worth more than the other?

BTW … great game have tons of fun playing it even if it is just for the designing a airport part.

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It is intended to be extremely difficult so you’ll need to find a get rich quick scheme…

As for the automated boarding desk its mainly intended to relieve staffing requirements, i.e. ultimately allowing you to have fewer employees overall.

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