Its suddenly dont start

from one day to the next my game loads but nothing happens
I just saved the game from the day before…
tweaks load in startup to the game menu and mods load in…
starts game but only gets screen, loading where it normally wants to load mods, but stands still and PC works… long… very long…
have nothing edited or anything…

I can’t take a screenshot

why and what is due

Did you subscribed to many new mods or was it the same?

hmm I only take 2 ( yours airplane :wink: ) more but, suddenly its hang before its read the mods …

and I wait long time, 30 minuts… and its stil load !

Ahh, it does that to me sometimes, I got no idea why… but if quit the game and try again it loads fine.

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OKey but not her, i uinstall and later i try again

just wondering, witch one are they?

And, can you go to this folder on your computer
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO
(YOURUSERNAME would be the name how you set up the windows account)
The folder AppData may be hidden on your explorer… and provide me the player.log file? there we can see a bit better what happen exactly that it crash…

I try that a lot of time, and uinstall I now play without tweaks etc

yes I can that, and ?


There is a file player.log
Send it please

how to send file im only can past but it over the max signs

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