Items not spawning

Since the update my contractors, Cars, Buses and delivery’s don’t spawn so currently my game is U/S. Any ideas to get items to re spawn? Tried this in experimental to see if this resolves and nothing?

Can you file a bug report with the save in question so we can have a look at it?

Sent yesterday, was just inquiring, maybe someone has the same issues?

I seem to be having a problem similar to this where items aren’t being delivered for my contractors to build. They are then sitting around doing nothing whilst half of my airport is left unbuilt. I think it is possibly linked to this.

We’ve pushed an update for a similar issue, i.e. Alpha 27.4-3 a few days ago where a construction material delivery issue was fixed. Does the issue still persist?

OP, what was the bug number for the issue you filed?

Yes this does persist on mine and i have the latest update. I’m unsure of the number i filed. Want me to refile?

Sorry, I was a bit out of sync, 27.4-4 had not been pushed until late yesterday. Can you confirm that you still have this issue as of 27.4-4?

Yes this problem is still present even with version 27.4-4