Issues with latest build 21.10?


I opened my saved game today and haven’t change anything at all from yesterday, everything was running smoothly. For some reason I am now having these issues, perhaps with the latest build release?

  1. Lots of my passengers have a red no entry sign on their head. What does this mean?
  2. A lot of my airport staff are late for their boarding desk duty (only for medium stands for some reason) and then for some equally strange reason none of the passengers board at all.
  3. I can now only see my small stands on my flight planner, and I can’t plan any flights on my medium stands.
  4. After getting off the plane, lots of passengers are now wandering round and stagnating in the secure area instead of going through to get their luggage.

Would appreciate help with any of the above. Thanks!

  1. That means they can’t find a security exit.
  2. So they go there, they’re just late?
  3. I’ve seen the bug quite a few times now, try reloading the game.
  4. I think they don’t really do anything until their baggage arrives at the baggage claim but I’m not sure.

Try reloading the game. It works often, at least for me.