Issue with deadlocked service vehicles

I don’t know why this has happened

What a helpful and informative topic name!

Can you help if not dont comment

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But being facetious is more entertaining, and by not labelling your topic in a meaningful way you’re pretty much asking for it.

What’s the issue? It looks fine to me. They’re queueing for the baggage bay that’s closed?


Can you help if not dont comment

Just so you know, people wouldn’t help you with this attitude :slight_smile:

Try to delete 2 columbs of service roads between most right cargo bay and main road.

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Sorry it was late and I was tired any way the baggage carts are stuck inside of each other and I can’t figure out how to solve it.

Open the debug panel with F10 and try clearing road nodes.

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That baggage bay is not connected in anyway what so ever so I doubt that

Might something to do with the four lane road confusing them… The road system needs a bit of a rework.

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It did work for a very long time and then it stopped for no apparent reason

Potentially the issue didn’t materialise for a long time.

You might also need gaps between each cargo bay to fit a service road in there. I don’t think they can drive on the hatched bit if its not their destination.

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And because of this all my planes are leaving late and without bags

There is one to the left of the far left one and I try to delete it and it says I can’t because there are bags on it but there isn’t

Also is there anyway to connect multiple cargo bays to baggage reclaim?

@Olof Help! (i will send in a bug report)

Send the save and we’ll look into it. Otherwise try F10 and unoccupy all road nodes! :slight_smile:

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thanks, i will PS great game you got

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oh I just started the game again and it fixed itself that’s weird anyway thanks guys

never mined just happend agane lol

ok I’m just going to stop now it’s just fixed itself AGaane