Issue with connecting stands to security checkpoints

Are there any plans on making a real tutorial for this stupidly steep learning curve game. Those garbage 500% zoomed in photo’s do nothing to help anyone. When I get things such as “Security checkpoint not connected” I am thinking. Oh I need to connect it like the terminal, Nope. Oh ill go back and see what they say about it. Nothing. Check google for 20 hours to get 0 results. Do I just refund the game on Steam because it’s unplayable? Or is a real tutorial coming out?

In a devblog a while ago we were told to expect tutorial updates in the gameplay update. Meanwhile we, the comunity of players, can help you with issues if you post them in the support section, or in the help channel on discord.
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2 different airports, same problem

Checked different answers online e.g “secure everything past the checkpoint and more small things. nothing works. Please help.”

these seem to be terminal attached stands, yet there is no walkable path for pax to get to them so there can’t even be a secure zone conencted to the stands.

  1. You don’t need the service road next to the stand’s service road. Vehicles will drive over the service road of one stand to go to another. I suggest you remove those 3 unnesecary lanes.

  2. Connect the terminal’s secure side with a walkable connection towards the stand’s crosswalk. This can be either terminal foundation, sidewalks or crosswalks (the last one can only be built over roads)

  3. Secure zone the entire walkable path between the stand and the security checkpoint. This goes for terminal foundation as well as crosswalks and sidewalks. Note that secure zone only affects Passengers and Airport staff, contractors can move in and out without the secure area exits and checkpoints.

Know that while vehicles will drive over the service roads that are part of the stand in order to get to another, Passengers and staff will not walk over other stands, they must Always have a secure zoned path to the crosswalk of the stand they want to reach.

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For the second picture i can’t select on imgur, but i’m sure i see a lack of walkable conenction between the terminal and the Shuttle bus stop and £Service car stop. Passangers and staff are programmed never to walk on a road tile that has no croswalk.

I sugegst you lay sidewalk tiles from the top of the tarminal to the back of those stops, and make sure they’re secure zoned as well as the door you’ll need to place. (there’s never secure zone underneath a wall so removing the wall means you have to secure zone that tile)

Also not related to the boarding problem, your secure exits lead into a secure zone.

There are a few adjustments to the tutorial in Alpha 34 to cope with pacing and the new contents but we’re always open to additional feedback. A final, thorough, polishing of the tutorial will be done when no more content is added after Alpha 36 and we enter a short beta stage. :slight_smile:


Hoping the order will change for some things, for example I always do first Jet A1, cafes, shops & baggage handling for just small stands, yet before land expansion and expanding to medium stands. I plan ahead to leave required space for including later baggage handling, already when placing 1st terminal foundations. By following the tutorial, building exactly the dimensions of small terminal it requests, unlocking, building and enabling things in the order it tells you makes you wait for income far longer and may require bulldozing something you previously built, because you weren’t exactly prepared for it.

Still isn’t working spent way too long even bothering to try and fix it. Such an awfully designed game my god.

You need to zone the area behind the security check-points as secure. In Airport CEO, you have open zones (which are simply no zone at all) and secure zones which are zoned using the secure zone tool in the build menu. I have marked the areas you need to zone for you here:

Stands are always securely zoned and there needs to be secure zone all the way between a security check-point and a stand for them to be connected, this also includes the area behind a boarding desk. For a person to enter the secure area there needs to be a security checkpoint which you’ve correctly built and for them to leave there needs to be a secure area exit, this should however not be placed as they leave the stand but rather as they leave the gate area.

I hope things clear up a bit with these instructions, if you have any more questions I’m here to help! :slight_smile:

Edit: I now see you made another topic and got help, great! I’m leaving this here regardless.

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“Security checkpoint not connected”

Floor between security and stands has to be designated as ‘secure zone.’ (Red diagonal stripes, found in the security-tab.)


Its finally working. Thankyou SO much. Highly appreciated.