Is this game on mobile or pc?

I’m new to this forums and just found it by binging through my YouTube recommended. I LOVE THIS SIM! Or at least I love the idea since it’s not yet a sim. I had a question about if this is a mobile sim or a PC. Sorry if this was already answered I couldn’t find where.

This game is being developed using Unity for Windows and Mac OS.

Also are you a YouTuber??


So no IOS☹️ and yes I’m a YouTuber

They also stated somewhere that Linux OS was in the list of development as well.

Yeah, Is planned for Linux. But only for Mac/Pc for first releases

Your channel name??.. because i think i have subscribed it.

They said that Linux would be supported in later releases… Once they get a Linux device to test on. Linux is free so it may be supported faster than expected.

Watch the gameplay video and then suggest how to implement it on iOS or Android… it’s practically very hard (if not impossible) with so many features. And it would require weeks to come up with a good touch control system for the game.

“Frontier VA Plus” is my channel name

Updated title :slight_smile:


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