Is that any suggestion for security checkpoint [solved]

So i have an airport that is having a large security checkpoint. It’s working but annoyingly the operating slowly. Is that any tips thank you so much god bless you


Are the security guards rested and highly trained?

For security guards, the 2x number of job tasks is recommend, otherwise they run from one job to the next without getting any break.

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All of them are highly trained but are not rested. Could you explain about 2 number of jobs?

I mean if you have jobs for 5 security officers, you need 10 employees so that the others can get some rest. :slight_smile:

I have 167 security officers so

I assume you have more than one security check-point right?

I have more. 4 security checkpoints

Can you show us your airport?
And what are your system specs?

But i learned when i added more checkpoints it’s working as well and i will give my photos. Absolutely i played in my generic laptop

The process speed actually isn’t that fast. So as bigger the airport gets, as more checks you need.
I see your airport is very busy. So yeah, the best way is adding more.

At the end, it also depends on the schedule. When all flights arrive at the same time, a bottleneck at the security is guaranteed.


Yeah 8 security checkpoints man. Get it. It takes time to process btw thank you so much. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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