Is it possible to Order only 50% fuel?

Hey guys,
i Started a new Airport with only 500k and i Went Deep in red because of my First fuel delivery. Is it possible to Order 10/20/30…% fuel?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Learning moment ;), dont start your fuel service until you have payed back your first Medium stand loan*. :wink:

'* Or even better, dont start it until you have 5 medium stands going. :wink:

A loan???! :open_mouth: but to @azb84 no, to reiterate what my good friend Jasper says wait till you’ve have a good amount of money incoming.

He is playing on Hard Mode, without a loan that is very boring.

Disagreed! Hard mode with 2 small grass stands at the beginning is the fun!!

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Haha, then you can build a decent airport when you finished all seasons SG 1 or something. :wink:

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Thanks ! It Would be Nice if we could buy the fuel in smaller steps. Not only 100%

stat tuned :wink:

It does take long, thus the more satisfaction when you’ve build it out to something big.

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This DEV’s :smiley:

New Feature - ACEO-4767 5] - Implement small fuel depot

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Sounds Great. Thank you!

Do you Know, when this is planned?

The small fule depot was released on the experimental branch today

Great! I am curious for the default branch :slight_smile:

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