Is Airport CEO finished?

Is it safe to say they are finished with ACEO? From a development aspect anyway? I am a big fan of the game ( It’s pretty awesome) but it seems they have moved on and are basically dealing with bugs found by the community…am I mistaken?


as noted in the last Steam news:

We are currently mainly focusing on Project Venus, the working title of and the next Apog Labs project but there are still a few aircraft left to be implemented in Airport CEO; we have not forgotten about those! However, since we are for the moment mainly occupied with the future of the studio these are put on very low priority but will hopefully make it into the game sometime before the start of the summer.

So yes, only bugfixing, some already announced planes and minor super easy improvements can be expected at the moment, as long they are focused on the new project.

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Gotcha, thanks Andy.


We’re currently fixing rare bugs at a very slow pace meaning that releases are very occasional and usually occur when we’re needed to make some other major change to the build. We’re as of now working on putting the game on GOG and perhaps a few other platforms, that would include an update on Steam with some fixed issues that are waiting in the pipeline (and perhaps a new aircraft too).

perhaps? Your dev blogs say something different. :wink:

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Perhaps in the sense that its part of that release, not in the sense that it won’t ever make it out… :laughing: