(IRL) New International Airport planned in Connecticut

Hello, a little bit of news for New Englanders in the United States. The Connecticut Airport Authority recently announced that plans are in the works to increase commercial service at Bridgeport Sikorsky Memorial Airport. The plans include $200 million dollars in renovations, the CAA has also announced that have applied for Class C airspace for that region. This is a major development for the east coast airport sector. This will have impact on NYC airports, a good portion of travelers are from Connecticut. Connecticut’s Main International Airport “Bradley International Airport” is located on the mass line. For travelers in southern Connecticut, NYC is closer. This is a play by Connecticut to reduce NYC grip on the transportation sector. The timeline for the construction is going to be forever (Just like any other public works project) But its going to be interesting to see the economical effects of this move. If anyone is interested I will keep this thread posted.